Sunday, November 12, 2017

Mission Confirmed

Confirmation season is rolling around again - get ready to wade through that sea of red robes! Remember getting ready to give the Bishop your name and your saint's name and have him smear that funky-smelling stuff on your forehead?

Remember the promises we made to one another? To God? To ourselves?

How many of us still live by those promises? How many of those promises have we broken? Directly or indirectly?

Something I've always appreciated about Confirmation is the individuality of it. It's one of the first occasions we have in our lives of being able to name ourselves. Of being able to choose for ourselves what means the most to us - humility? Go for St. Bernadette or St. Francis of Assisi. Leadership? St. Joan of Arc. How about fun? St. John Bosco is your man.

It was always kind of fun for us to see who could get the best Saints. Who could pick the ones that most closely tied into our lives or our natures. It's an important decision - one that we probably take a little too lightly. We tend to treat it like we're picking an accessory instead of asking for eternal help from Saints and angels. But it's ours - something we pick for ourselves as individuals in the Church.

How many of us still conform to the same old ways of prayer and sacrifice without taking our very natures into account? Can you imagine if we all went into the same line of work when we grew up? Every type of prayer is sacred, but prayer can fit into every type of life. Like with picking our Confirmation Saints, we should be carefully considering how we are going to pray with our lives. Are you a people-person? Maybe teaching or service-work should be your focus. How about a super-introvert? Maybe academia or philosophy would suit you.

Have you tried everything? Have you done your research? Have you thought out how you are going to use your Confirmation to make you the best you can be?

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
on your own intelligence do not rely;
In all your ways be mindful of him,
and he will make straight your paths."
Proverbs 3:5-6

Much love, darlings!
Ceci Galvin
CYM, St. John the Evangelist