Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Year, New You! #basic

So we're here now. What were your resolutions?

Have you ever asked that? I mean, I ask that all the time. It's fun to figure see what exactly people want to change about themselves over the year. What they want to improve or tweak or pull a straight-up 180 on. I think we all, in some way or other, like to find out what people view as weaknesses, even if they're minor. It gives us a tiny window into their psyche, in a way. We get to see what they think about themselves.

Did any of us make any resolutions for 2017? What do they say about us? What are other people picking up about our psyches?

I read a quote one time, forget from whom it came, that goes, "He who doesn't make a resolution is a weak man, and he who makes one is a fool."

I've heard lots of resolutions made and I've seen a lot broken, many of those broken by myself. It's always one of those funny little jokes that everyone makes - "Oh hey, broke my resolution. That didn't take long, haha." And we laugh and share that we're not perfect either.

We all like to see people's resolutions go to waste because we can relate to that a little more. But I have yet to keep from rolling my eyes when someone tells me that they've made a resolution, and I know I'm not the only one. Maybe because the Devil doesn't like for us to improve ourselves, and he wants us to enjoy seeing people fall, even if it's just to show that there's someone else out there who falls.

But hey, that is so 2016.

This is a new year. Let's not be that group of humans anymore. Let's be impressed with one another when we make resolutions from now on. For that matter, let's help each other out! Let's make resolutions of our own, whether or not we break them. Don't be afraid to be try to improve yourself.

 Don't be the weak man. Be the fool. Because wouldn't you rather make someone laugh and enable them to relate to you (to possibly even want to improve themselves along the way)?

Make your resolutions. There's nothing wrong with trying to be better.

Much love,
Ceci Galvin
CYM, St. John the Evangelist